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***** IN STOCK - SHIPS IN 1-2 DAYS *****

first few orders ship immediately! 

The pedal you are ordering is in a translucent sparkle red enclosure - 12 people will randomly get a surprise chase variant with black splatter along with the translucent red powder. Please do not ask for one, you won’t get it that way. If you don’t want the chance to get the splatter variant please make a note on your order! 

* New for 2020 - we've updated the clipping footswitch to a relay based soft-touch to completely eliminate mechanical switches and improve the lifetime of the pedal. * 

HM2 but better. Now with a clean blend & Clickless bypass switch + top mounted jacks. 

Controls include: Clean Blend, Low, Mid, High, Volume, & Distortion. 2nd footswitch engages diode clipping which adds not only a volume boost but also thickens up that normally thin chainsaw tone, this is great for leads & heavier parts in songs. 

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