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First of all - this pedal is a PREORDER. Please make sure you are OK with that before ordering. We sincerely appreciate those who wait for the item to ship and refrain from asking about the status of their individual order. 

The original Chaotic Evil Ned was released in a giant looper-sized enclosure as mostly a meme of sorts, but was badass nonetheless. We knew we wanted to make a pedalboard friendly option available and here it is! We've removed the 3 Resonance controls so we were able to fit everything into a small 125b (same size as our Haunting Pools pedal) and tweaked a few values to create what we believe is the GOAT when it comes to the chainsaw sound. 

“Chaotic Evil Ned” takes the much-loved “Evil Ned” mini pedal and flips it on it’s head.  Where Evil Ned is a tiny, simple, overdrive with a 1-knob, HM-EQ blend, its giant alter-ego, Chaotic Evil Ned gives you ALL THE KNOBS!  Now you have control of gain & frequency of all 3 HM-2 EQ bands!  We encourage you to explore, but if you want to come back “home,” you’ll find the classic HM-2 sound when low, mid, and high are cranked and the frequency controls are somewhere in the 11-1 o’clock range.  If you’ve been looking for the ultimate heavy metal chainsaw, look no further.  

The pedal is hand-built and assembled by a single person into a high quality laser-etched enclosure featuring the artwork of Matt Kerley. It features top mounted jacks & a clickless relay-based bypass switch and is built with top quality parts.