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Hellmouth Mini


Hellmouth Mini
Hellmouth Mini Hellmouth Mini Hellmouth Mini

* WILL SHIP IN APPROX 1-2 WEEKS! Please do not order if you do not understand this. *

The 3rd in our series of Mini pedals - the Hellmouth mini is a tiny version of it's big brother the Hellmouth (based on the TS9). 

It is essentially the original Hellmouth with normal clipping (silicon), normal input cap, & the gain is set to somewhere between normal & having the "more gain" toggle turned on.

In the initial batch of 250, 25 of the pedals are a random "limited chase" variant and come in a black enclosure instead of white. Please do not ask for one of these, they will be randomly assigned to orders to make it fun. If you do not want a chase and prefer the normal white variant you can make a note in the comments section of your order.