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COMING SOON - Fuck White Supremacy DSOM


COMING SOON - Fuck White Supremacy DSOM

VERY IMPORTANT, READ BEFORE ORDERING: these pedals will ship by mid/late October, possibly sooner. We have ordered the enclosures and they may come before we leave for a month in Switzerland, but they may not. Once these sell out, I am donating all the profit immediately, if you get tired of waiting, you can’t get a refund. I just want to be clear before you order!

First and foremost, what our government is doing to the innocent people seeking asylum, better lives, to be with their families at border is fucking inhumane, racist, and needs to be stopped. 

100% of the profit from this pedal will be donated to RAICES - check out the video here for more info: 


This pedal is our Don’t Shred on Me model, which is based off the infamous RAT distortion but a lot more aggressive. Perfect for a dirty bass tone or heavy as fuck guitar. One of the most versatile pedals we offer. It has the clickless footswitch & also features an internal charge pump that boosts the 9v from your power supply to 18v for more headroom. 

This pedal is assembled by hand into a textured black powder coated enclosure with high quality uv printing.