In December of 2013 I (Patrick Emmons) came up with an idea for a guitar pedal based on the big muff called the "Hail Satan". I spraypainted an enclosure and used a waterslide decal to transfer some artwork of a goat head on top of an inverted cross onto the pedal and posted it in a Facebook group. Then people wanted to give me money so they could own one too. I got together $400-500 and bought a bunch of enclosures, parts, & blank light sensitive circuit board material. I built a jig out of a poster press & started to screen print the enclosures instead of using the waterslide decals. Through word of mouth & social media I've now built & sold over 6,000 pedals - all of them by hand. 

Quality parts have always been a priority, we source everything from large reputable companies and avoid some of the cheap alternatives that are better suited for DIY kits for beginners. All of our pedals come in a powder coated top quality enclosure with artwork applied via UV printer. This printing method really lets the color pop & will take a beating from footswitch misses over time unlike our previous screen printing process. All pedals are true bypass and almost all of our main line uses a clickless bypass switch (the mini pedals still feature a mechanical bypass). All pots, toggle switches, input / output / power jacks are board mounted resulting in a clean interior with no rats nests of wire. All of our circuit board layouts are created by myself, Kurt Ballou, or Yontz Sucre. 

Currently I am based out of Durham, NC but we will be moving to Seattle, WA on December 30th. Every pedal with the Abominable name on it was assembled, tested, packaged, and shipped by a single person. All of our main line of pedals feature the artwork of the great Matt Kerley, but our new mini pedal line has given me the chance to get some more of my favorite artist's work on my pedals. We're always looking to collaborate with bands, other pedal companies, and labels. I have a very strong relationship with Deathwish Inc. & God City Instruments - check out our collaborations including the popular "Evil Ned" with GCI. 

I want to interact with every person who purchases one of my pedals - don't be afraid to send us an email with a link to music your band made via one of our pedals or to chat about what pedal would be best for the sound you are looking for.