Hail Satan - DELUXE
Hail Satan - DELUXE
Hail Satan - DELUXE

Hail Satan - DELUXE

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The ONLY big muff style pedal you'll ever need!
The Deluxe version of the Hail Satan pedals has all of the features of the original version with the addition of a Highs control, a Clean Blend, a toggle to switch between the original version and the Russian version, and a toggle to engage a buffer. 
Knob controls: 
Dirt: Control the volume of the effect
Clean: Blend your pre-effect dry signal with the effect to preserve the low end (works best with buffer switch in the "right" position)
Tone: Control the tone - from deep lows to bright highs
Sus: Controls the amount of distortion / fuzz
Mids: Control the amount of mids in the effect
Highs: Control the amount of highs in the effect
Toggle switches:
Left: Switch between the Original (left position) and the Russian (right position)
Right: Engage a buffer to your dry signal to help it compete with the extremely high gain of the effect to make the clean blend more effective
Footswitches (all our pedals are true bypass):
Left: Turn the pedal on/off 
Right: Engage the red LED diodes in the distortion clipping circuit to boost the signal and to light up the eyes of the goat as you play